The Company was founded in 1979 with the title “Rural House Skoupras Konstantinos” with main activity trading irrigation systems and irrigation equipment parts and agricultural crops. With driving innovation, reliability, quality and low prices, our company has as its vision to provide modern and effective products in the field of Greek agriculture. The development of the modern business environment is identified with the executives and staff of our company. Our strategy is to increase productivity, the creation of innovative products, the development of building partnerships and strengthening of competitive advantages that we have.

In terms of development, we are moving carefully and diligently to all the necessary actions aimed on the one hand, consolidating our leading position and enhance its commercial presence in the Greek market, and being in Southern Europe a major player and ideal partner for large multinational corporations. Our goal is to be a standard business group with structural development, social action and the ideal workplace for our employees. Our people, our suppliers, our customers are precious allies for us in our daily work and considered as partners. The “SKOYPRAS Group”, today, after a growing business environment consists of the General Agricole and Skoupras Packing is the evolution of family enterprise marketing of agricultural products, in a modern and integrated group of enterprises and it is a barometer for the complete chain of agricultural cultivation.


The Group of companies SKOYPRAS plays an important role, through his companies, in the areas of pesticides, fertilizers and plant propagating material, irrigation networks to private and public organizations as well as in the field of available oenological winemaking equipment and substances in production units. Via the craft of paper trays and packaging materials meet the needs of fruit and vegetable packaging plants in the domestic market and in the Balkans.


Paper cartons and packing materials craft
Our company specializes in the production and marketing of paper tray fruit and vegetable packaging and various packaging materials. Process 3,500,000 kg of paper per year for that purpose. The high quality of our products as well as imported products of leading international groups, have strengthened the position of our company, playing a leading role in the production and marketing of packaging materials for fruit and vegetables in Greece and the Balkans. In addition to production, we operate and in the import and disposal of packaging materials the Greece from major European companies. We believe that each product must have its own way of packaging to treading with diversity in the market. On top of this we are working and trying to find more efficient ways of their income and packaging products for our customers.

General Agricole

Pesticides, fertilizers and propagating materials
Through the development of strategic partnerships with multinational and dynamic Greek pharmaceutical companies, our company offers a complete portfolio of specialized pesticides. The continuous growth and development with a view to more effective crop protection and plant nutrition, makes our company one of the most important in the field of pesticides, fertilizers and plant propagating material. From 2011 the “Produit Agricole” has developed a series of special foliar nutrient products for all crops with considerable success. Products in the series “Nutrient”, “Express” and “Plant KS” are known and recognizable from growers. The high level of staff expertise has led to the creation of integrated crop nutrition programs.

Irrigation Systems
The department of irrigation networks is the first and longest-running activity of our companies. Long-term partnerships with companies barometer for the Greek agriculture, making the company Mediagricole the most important in Thessaly in the design and development of irrigation systems.

Oenology and Oenological Products
The development of our activities in a purely wine-growing and wine region, led our company to the marketing of products of this sector and establishes one of the most dynamic and comprehensive in this area. The representation of international brands of wine products, enables us to serve even the most demanding customers. Our work is not limited to the sale of oenological products, but also in our constant quest to acquire the consumer wine education, something that will give great impetus to the wine industry.

Greenhouse materials
Over the years the European consumer is becoming more and more demanding in the consumption of quality agricultural products. This can help the cultivation in modern greenhouses, where the conditions are perfectly controlled. Our company takes the new conditions prevailing on the chessboard of marketing agricultural products in Europe, the last decade investing in expertise and new products for greenhouse equipment. As a result of our strong partnerships with two of the most dynamic companies in Europe, are available to Greek farmers the best products for the construction of greenhouses and the completion of the production process to ensure their income.