Packing materials

Our company specializes in the production and marketing of paper tray fruit and vegetable packaging and various packaging materials. Process 3,500,000 kg of paper per year for that purpose. The high quality of our products as well as imported products of leading international groups, have strengthened the position of our company, playing a leading role in the production and marketing of packaging materials for fruit and vegetables in Greece and the Balkans.

In addition to production, we operate and in the import and disposal of packaging materials the Greece from major European companies. We believe that each product must have its own way of packaging to treading with diversity in the market. On top of this we are working and trying to find more efficient ways of their income and packaging products for our customers.

Paper Cartons

paper carton


Paper cartons for fruit and vegetable packages are available in various packages:


Plastic and Paper Packaging


Various packaging materials:

  • Plastic fruit cases
  • Food transport cases
  • Bags
  • Paper Cartons
  • Plastic Cartons
  • Trinkets
  • Paper for fruit packaging
  • Packaging nets